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Listening to this Jagged Edge got me thinking…

niggas need to study babyface b.

They really are singing to impress other dudes

yea that literally is it. nailed it, they singing to impress niggas. and lol, the first tweet *dead* =(

This is something we talked about in my women’s studies class when we watched the documentary: HipHop Beyond Beats and Rhymes. Great documentary the black community should watch..

80s-90s R&B will forever reign
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oh look I accidentally
here have a PDF and a docx

Ooh this is perfect, Morgan! Reblogging so I don’t forget to add to my links because it’s fabulous!
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No, you can’t deny women their basic rights and pretend it’s about your ‘religious freedom.’ If you don’t like birth control, don’t use it. Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can force others to live by your own beliefs. -

President Barack Obama


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Black girls don’t get told we are beautiful enough. Black girls aren’t always told we can be princesses. Cute, sweet, innocent, pure- these are not words black girls often hear associated with us. Fast, sassy, mouthy, too grown, angry, aggressive- those are the words that get shot at us like darts. Black girls are not girls- we are mini women who are forced to be strong. You must tell black girls they are beautiful, innocent, sweet, magical. You must treat black girls as girls. Then, you can talk about black girl characters whose looks and femininity doesn’t matter. Otherwise, you are just maintaining the status quo- denying black girls our beauty and femininity. - Brittney Jones (via beautiful-ambition)
Who taught me to suck in my stomach,
or my cheeks?
Who told me to stand with my legs apart
and my hips thrust back
to create the illusion of a gap
between my thighs?
Who made me believe that the most beautiful part of me
is my negative space?
- Negative Space (via halfasiangirlproblems)
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